Now YOU Can Become a Pop-Up Landlord

Introducing a New PopUp Space Category: Personal Residences!

If you are one of the many who have gotten accustomed to renting out a bedroom/bathroom to complete strangers, or you use your car to make deliveries or transport people, then you are someone who has fully embraced the sharing economy. Companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and WeWork have strong business models and are disrupting not only how we conventionally do things, but also how to monetize our underutilized personal assets.

Well, if you are willing to share a bathroom with someone you just met (sure, they’re well-vetted, but what if one of them forgot their toothbrush and saw yours just sitting there idly?), then renting out other rooms in your home won’t seem like such a foreign idea.

If you have a driveway, why not rent it out for a few hours on a Saturday morning to an apartment dweller who wants to host a yard sale? Or, if you have invested in a state-of-the-art home gym or home office, and it sits empty for most of the day, you should be considering renting it out on a short-term “pop-up” basis to those who don’t want to buy a monthly membership at a gym or rent office space. How about making your kitchen and dining room available for a supper club, a dining movement that is becoming popular across the country!

PopUp Republic is pleased to announce that it will soon be going live with a new PopUp Spaces category — Personal Residences. Our directory, which not only attracted over 2.5 million page views in 2015 from the pop-up universe but also expands its reach exponentially through social media, will soon enable you to post a listing for your entire personal residence. Our website is going to offer you the opportunity to make money from doing basically nothing! Just make your driveway, your home gym, your home office, your kitchen and dining room (any room our outdoor space you have, essentially) available to the public on a hyper-short-term basis, and you’ll be able to monetize an otherwise non-performing asset.

We’ll be launching the new category later this month, and we’ll be providing a special introductory offer to anyone looking to post a listing for their personal residence — a 90-day listing will cost you all of $9 dollars (versus the normal charge of $29). You can fill your listing with all the photos and information you want, and you can interact directly with anyone looking to rent your space for a few hours.

And you won’t have to hide your toothbrush.