Pop-Ups in Airports? Why it makes sense.


Brands get in touch with us all the time, asking for our help in finding them a good venue at which to host their pop-up. In most cases, their preference is an empty storefront — either standing alone in a popular neighborhood, or inline at a shopping mall. Clearly, this preference makes sense, especially if it is an area with significant shopper foot traffic.

The benefits of opening up a pop-up at a shopping mall in particular are many, and not always apparent. Last year, an overnight intruder burglarized Gwynneth Paltrow’s Goop pop-up. Which brings up the question of security: At a stand-alone storefront, it’s up to you to provide your own security. If a pop-up is activated at a mall, though, the brand has the benefit of the shopping center’s security. Along with its parking lot. And its shipping/receiving. And its WiFi. And much more. If you are contemplating where to have your pop-up and trying to evaluate costs, don’t forget the unsung, cost-free benefits you get from opening up your shop at a mall.

That said, we’d like to offer up another option for a venue that has some hidden benefits: Airports. Here are some of the merits of choosing an airport kiosk as a place to launch your pop-up:

  • Foot Traffic –  Certain terminals experience tens of thousands of visitors every single day. This number of passersby is often far more than that experienced by even the most active malls.
  • Shoppers Have Plenty of Time – Airport travelers are a captive audience. These days, they show up at the airport one, two, even three hours before their flights board. What do they have available to them to bide their time? Not much. During the time periods before their flights, travelers often become shoppers, meandering through the airport terminal as if they were in a marketplace, checking out the goods that are available from the nearby vendors.
  • Reach Your Target Geographic Market, Even if You Are Thousands of Miles Away – If you select a kiosk space that is within a terminal where there are many flights heading to cities where your product would do well, that is an ideal situation. You can mitigate the seasonal aspect for your business! For example, let’s say you are a swimwear designer, it’s December, and your business is domiciled in a cold-weather city like Chicago or Boston. By setting up shop in a terminal where there are many flights heading out to warm-weather climates, it represents a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products to a customer base that would probably be very receptive to what your line offers.

These are just three of the many advantages there are to launching a pop-up at an airport. Granted, it isn’t too easy to reach the right leasing agent or to find the right space, but that is where PopUp Republic can help. We have the connections and can assist vendors from start to finish when it comes to finding a venue at the airport and making the most of this unique retail opportunity.