Pop-Ups in Airports? Why it makes sense.


Brands get in touch with us all the time, asking for our help in finding them a good venue at which to host their pop-up. In most cases, their preference is an empty storefront — either standing alone in a popular neighborhood, or inline at a shopping mall. Clearly, this preference makes sense, especially if it is an area with significant shopper foot traffic. Continue Reading >>

Why Malls and Pop-Ups Are a Match Made in Heaven

The speed at which e-commerce and the pop-up movement (which includes farmers markets, food trucks, pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants, supper clubs, etc.) are advancing is testing the nimbleness of not only brands, but also of the shopping malls that have served as their primary sales outlets. The malls are trying to figure out their relevance and how to adjust to the new shopping trends, and are facing the unenviable task of trying to keep pace while having to think ahead. Continue Reading >>